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Frequently Asked Questions


I have a problem that the help does not cover?

If you have a problem with the software please make sure you are using the latest version of the software and drivers. http://support.cleverproducts.com/support-cases/new

If you still have a problem use the feedback option in the help menu.

Remember to describe what you are seeing and that a screenshot or video are the quickest way of resolving problems. If the problem is in relation to hardware remember to describe the computer AND board you are using.

Stating just "Lynx does not work" or "I have a problem, can you help?" only delays the help you will receive.

Is there an icon guide for Lynx

Yes, go to the following location: http://download.saharasupport.com/icon_guide/

Lost the task bar and title bar

This sometimes happens after a crash, and we are working to prevent it. However, for the moment the fix is:

1. Open the Tools menu
2. Open the Options dialog
3. Select the Display tab
4. Press the "Reset Layout" button 5, Restart Lynx

Which operating systems do we support?

  • Windows 7 or later
  • Mac OSX 10.9 or later
  • Android/LUX

The Lynx code is asked for every time Lynx starts

The Lynx 4 serial number will not be remembered if the user does not have the correct permissions on the computer. The network administrator needs to:

1. Close Lynx
2. Right-click the Lynx icon and select "Run As Administrator"
3. Enter the Lynx code, Name, Email and Organisation
4. Select OK
5. Allow Lynx to start normally
6. Exit Lynx

From now on all normal users should have no problem getting into Lynx as the code will be remembered.

The upgrade failed and now Lynx will not start?

In some instances the upgrade process has failed to download all of the updated files required.

To fix the problem, download and install Lynx Launcher from our upgrade site:


How do I get Lynx translated into my own language?

For instructions go here

How can I turn off automatic updates for my network?

We have produced an Active Directory - Group Policy ADM file which will allow you to control various aspects of Lynx for your users. Install it using the Group Policy manager and assign it to the appropriate users.